Bassnectar at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, 6/2/12 (photos) - Reverb

Bassnectar at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, 6/2/12 (photos)

Bassnectar closed out his weekend stand at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Saturday night with even more relentless, pounding bass, swirling lights and complex beats to satisfy the dubstep faithful. See a full photo gallery of Bassnectar’s Friday show at Red Rocks.

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Stacy Keck is a Denver photographer and a new contributor to Reverb.

  • Dakota MacLeod

    Hello, I just wanted people to know what kind of man the manager of red rocks is, we bought vip tickets to the bassnectar show on saturday june 2nd, we were able to watch Vibesquad and Flying lotus ( who were both amazing) and then about ten minutes into bassnectar a bunch of skinny women started taking our spot, and pushed us back several rows, my mom tried asking politely for them to move, but they wouldn’t even acknowledge us. Some guy came up and forced my mom into a corner, feeling threatened my mom slapped him and, he had as escorted out since he was a manager. So if you buy VIP tickets don’t be surprised when the manager assaults you and has you kicked out when you try to defend yourself.

    • Dustin P Goldman

      You’re an idiot. I had VIP tickets and there was plenty of room. I wasnt encroached upon at all, im glad u were escorted out. I definitely dont need to be getting slapped by some old lady.

  • Brian

    I don’t doubt that happened in the VIP area it always does the VIP section is a joke when it gets dark people start sneaking there way in there and redrocks has no way to manage it. I bought VIP tickets once 6 years ago and that happened and learned to just by General admission tickets. Now for the story with the manager to me it sounds like your leaving out some important pieces of information on what led up to your mother being escorted out. Like from the time your “mother asked the girls to the move” to the moment “some guy forced your mother into corner where she felt threatened”. It just sounds like there’s a gap of missing information in your story. Just so you sound like a victim.

    I will so however I was pretty disappointed in the bassnectar so not as in the artist sucked but in regards to the fans who were there watching it. People just couldn’t handle their s***. Between the amounts of fights that occured, people throwing glass bottles up in the air on the entrance stairs and hitting people, to some guy whos ticket didn’t work and he walked down the stairs Pissed off and punched someone he didn’t know in the face for no reason. To the amount of blood every where from the fights, and the vomit every where cause of the drugs or the alchohol people took/consumed, I’ve never seen so much vomit at a show in my life. you had people throwing glow sticks at people not up in the air but at people. I could keep going on but hands down the was the most shady crowd at a show ever. People we’re being stupid. Maybe it was because the doors got delayed and gave everyone and extra two hours to get messed up. Who knows. But I have to say for somebody who goes to 6 or seven shows at redrocks a year that was hands down the worst crowd ever. I only thought someone was gonna try and intentionally dose me. Not going to edit this rant cause I’m writing this from my phone. So sorry for the headache.