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Best of 2011: Local artists of the year

All week long we’re looking back at the year in music. Here’s a look at the best Colorado artists of the year, from the eyes of select Reverb staffers.

John Hendrickson, Reverb managing editor

10. Woodsman
9. Vitamins
8. School Knights
7. Gauntlet Hair
6. DeVotchKa
5. Tennis
4. A. Tom Collins
3. Nathaniel Rateliff
2. Pictureplane
1. Force Publique

John Wenzel, Reverb executive editor

10. Pictureplane
9. Zebroids
8. Mombi
7. Gauntlet Hair
6. Tennis
5. Mesita
4. Hindershot
3. The Morning Clouds
2. Jim McTurnan and the Kids That Killed the Man
1. Nathaniel Rateliff

Colin St. John, Reverb columnist

10. Snake Rattle Rattle Snake
9. Wheelchair Sports Camp
8. DeVotchKa
6. Slim Cessna’s Auto Club
5. Faceman
4. The Knew
3. A. Tom Collins
2. Gauntlet Hair
1. Pictureplane

Mike Long, Reverb writer

10. The Chain Gang of 1974
9. Git Some
8. Candy Claws
7. Snake Rattle Rattle Snake
6. Tennis
5. Bad Weather California
4. Omens
3. Hearts In Space
2. Woodsman
1. Overcasters

Paige Montgomery, Reverb writer

10. Synthetic Elements
9. The Epilogues
8. Be Brave
7. Codec
6. Coral Thief
5. My Body Sings Electric
3. Della
2. Novus Folium
1. Lost Point

Kristopher Coe, Reverb writer

10. Vitamins
9. Snake Rattle Rattle Snake
8. Overcasters
7. Tin Horn Prayer
6. Take To The Oars
5. Bad Weather California
4. Achille Lauro
3. The Knew
2. American Tomahawk
1. Gauntlet Hair

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  • Ian O

    Great lists, great bands. Good job, gentlemen.

    • Paige Montgomery

      (cough) and lady. 

      • Ian O

        Sorry Paige, I didn’t know and was thinking “Page.” 

        I’ve only heard one of the bands you chose so I appreciate your list the most.

  • DC

    Ummm… no hip hop?! (And no, MTHDS doesn’t count.)

    • Tuff Luke

      Wheelchair Sports Camp is on there … but the list could use more than one hip-hop act.

    • Ed

      This is DENVER, not NY, LA or even the ATL. We live at the white pole.  Hip-hop in Denver is 3Oh!3.

  • Remy

    So much good music in Denver these days!