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News: Jimmy Fallon apologizes to Michelle Bachmann for “Lyin’ Ass B*tch”

The Roots pulled a fast one on Michelle Bachmann on Monday night. AP Photo/NBC, Lloyd Bishop.

The Roots pulled a fast one on Michelle Bachmann on Monday night. AP Photo/NBC, Lloyd Bishop.

NEW YORK (AP) — NBC’s Jimmy Fallon says he’s sorry for the snarky welcome his “Late Night” band gave to Republican presidential contender Michele Bachmann.

As Bachmann entered the studio for an interview on Tuesday morning’s show, the Roots played a snippet of a 1985 Fishbone song. The title of the song is “Lyin’ Ass Bitch.”

Fallon tweeted to Bachmann that he was honored that she came onto his show and that “I’m so sorry about the intro mess.” He said he hopes she will come back to his show.

One of Bachmann’s congressional colleagues, New York Democrat Nita Lowey, had called on NBC to apologize for its “insulting and inappropriate” treatment of its guest.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jay-Allanby/1265400469 Jay Allanby

    That is awesome. I will need to download that song. Too bad the truth is politically incorrect. 

    • Olsonmt

      Tell me one thing Michelle Bachmann has said that makes her worthy of such a comment?  I guarantee you don’t have a clue.  It’s not a matter of politically correctness.  It’s a matter of basic manners and respect.  Fallon invites someone on his show, it’s up to him and the network to make sure their employees threat that guest with respect. You just sit behind your keyboard and act tough.  A brain is a weapon; and you are, by all indications, unarmed.

      • http://twitter.com/mistercrispyusa Mr. Crispy

        LOL! A horrible, disgusting piece of filth like Michele Bachmann doesn’t deserve the respect you give to a pile of dog poop you scrape off the bottom of your shoe. She is a clueless, mindless bigot who makes demonstrably false statements every day of the week. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SYM74COWLJHRK7WJQ6ZYP6RRCA Fu Manchu

    All politicians lie.   What makes Fallon’s action truly disgusting is that he’d only do that to a conservative.  If he had a certain liberal liar on his show (who I won’t name… I’ll just refer to him as “Bush with a tan”) he’d be kissing his lying backside with passion. 

  • Aitia

    The real question is did she even know what it was?

  • Anonymous

    Fox “News” is a 24 hour, conservatively slanted, media outlet that constantly derides the liberals at every chance. How often are their feet held over the coals? Jimmy Fallon and NBC should apologize for this one thing? She has lied. If she thinks she hasn’t then she’s crazy. Either way, much to do about nothing. If they did the same for Democrat I would laugh just as hard. The vast majority of politicians are liars anyway, so what does it matter?

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/BCF4YW4MLEZ3DXDB7TE6Z6JBWU RichardB

    Are there any examples of the lies that Bachman is alleged to have told?  You all seem pretty confident. Too bad that you cannot decipher the difference between FOX’s news programming and their opinion programming.  Just because the two get all jumbled up in your media doesn’t mean it happens over at FOX.  And the 80’s?  Not much music there.

  • Anonymous

    Stay classy, libs.