This week's poll of the week asks you: What's your favorite Denver-area music venue? - Reverb

Poll of the Week: What’s your favorite Denver-area music venue?

If you’re voting “none of the above,” post your fave in the comments below.

Of these, which is your favorite Denver-area music venue?

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Of these, which is your second-favorite Denver-area music venue?

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  • Cliffton Lee Thompson

    How can you guys compare Red Rocks to, say, the Marquis? This isn’t a very fair poll. Obviously, Red Rocks is the best, but it’s also the one I go to the least b/c it’s much easier to go see a small band at Larimer Lounge. I’m just saying.

    • Joe Murphy


      That was part of the reason behind asking what your second-favorite venue is.


  • How2when

    Gothic Theatre

  • Ian O

    The Gothic is the best venue.

  • How RUDE


  • StepYoGameUpReverb

    I definitely have to agree that it is not fair to include Red Rocks on this list simply because its amazing, so removing them I will definitely have to vote for the Gothic Theatre…oh wait you didn’t even include them…well I’m still gonna vote for the Gothic

  • Big D

    Gothic Theatre! How can you leave them off? “None of the Above” for sure, or Red Rocks. 

  • justanotherasshole

    Quixote’s True Blue, by far my favorite venue outside of Red Rocks. Fillmore is THE WORST! Talk about price gouging, I’m surprised you can piss in that place without paying to use the stalls.

  • Polaroid

    I always have a blast at Fiddlers for shows, I love the vibe of Wells Fargo Theatre, I enjoy the intimate yet cool setting of the Paramount Theatre, as well as seeing shows at the Opera House, Temple Buell, Botanical Gardens, and shit, U2 at MILE HIGH STADIUM!  this list is like “which venue that advertises with us do you like”

  • Live music lover

    I have to go with the 1st Bank Center. Not a bad seat in the house, never rained out, and the staff really wants you to have a good time. And since they revamped the sound system a year and a half ago you can’t beat it.