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News: Discrimination alleged at Chloe, Suite 200 nightclubs

Chloe, which opened last month, is one of the Lotus Concepts clubs at which Kandi Brown and some members of her Facebook group are alleging racial discrimination. Denver Post file photo by Cyrus McCrimmon.

Chloe, which opened last month, is one of the Lotus Concepts clubs at which Kandi Brown and some members of her Facebook group are alleging racial discrimination. Denver Post file photo by Cyrus McCrimmon.

A Facebook group alleging racial discrimination at Francois Safieddine’s Lotus Concepts nightclubs, which include popular LoDo haunts Chloe and Suite 200, swelled to over 1,000 members this week, although a spokesperson for Lotus dismissed the claims as unwarranted and “enraging.”

The Facebook page was founded after Denver resident Kandi Brown and some friends tried to enter new club Chloe on Aug. 5 and were allegedly turned away by what Brown felt were the racially-motivated staff manning the entrance. She said white people were waved through the line while black and Hispanic people were denied entry.

“I woke up on Saturday morning after my incident and I felt so bad, my 9-year-old daughter came into my bedroom and asked what was wrong and I knew I had to get the word out,” Brown said via e-mail. “I didn’t deserve to feel like this and no one else should have to feel like this. Initially I posted it on the page “You Know You Are From Denver When…” because there are over 6,000 members of that page. One of those members suggested a page dedicated to just this and that’s how the individual page began.”

Brown has said she filed a complaint with the Department of Regulatory Agencies and is encouraging others to do the same while she gathers evidence for her case.

“I’m enraged by it, to be quite honest,” Johnny Coast, director of operations for Lotus Concepts, said Thursday. “However I’ve kept my cool thus far. I’ve been very discrete and I think PC thus far. I’ll be brutally honest with you: I’m not white, Francois’ not white, our families aren’t white. But we haven’t gone that direction. We’ve tried to keep this as professional as possible.”

Coast said his mother is Persian and Safieddine is Lebanese.

“In no manual that we’ve ever produced does it say anything about discrimination against people based on race or creed or any of those reasons,” Coast said. “We don’t do that. It’s illegal and we don’t have to do that. There are so many people that enjoy coming to our places of every race (and) color that you can imagine that we don’t even consider it.”

As of late Thursday, Lotus had not been contact by the Department of Regulatory Agencies, according to Coast.

Brown said she and her friends were dressed formally the night they tried to get into Chloe, although Coast pointed to other factors — such as having a reservation, or appearing intoxicated or aggressive — that may have led to certain groups not being allowed entry to Lotus’ clubs.

For her part, Brown would like to see an apology and a policy change.

“I would like a press release about the accusations written by the club that we get to be a part of with their explanation,” she said. “And an apology to all parties involved that night as well as what they plan to do to remedy the issue, and how they will monitor to make sure things don’t just go back to the way they were.”

“This is not news,” Coast said. “This is a couple of people that have issue with the fact they weren’t allowed into a place based on many factors, none of which had anything to do with race. It’s a bunch of trumped up, unfortunate allegations.”

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John Wenzel is an executive editor of Reverb and an award-winning A&E reporter for The Denver Post. He is the author of “Mock Stars: Indie Comedy and the Dangerously Funny” (Speck Press/Fulcrum).

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  • Ridiculous

    Stupid, so stupid. I run the door at a nightclub and have been accused of racism multiple times when the person I am denying entry to/ejecting isn’t Caucasian, regardless of the reasons that they are being ejected. Racism is a real and pervasive problem in our society that needs to be confronted, but to label everything as racially motivated dilutes the argument and the fight against real racism in society. Has anyone been to Chloe or Suite 200? It definitely does not look white-washed, if that’s what is being implied.

    • vegas2012

      it is though…i can give you the exact date and that I was there. I know a lot of other people that were denied because of their color. I NEVER play the race card because I have  always been treated exceptionally at all nightclubs but I move back to Denver and I get treated like this???I went out for a fun night(first time back here) and I watched the doorman turn away all the Hispanics there he told me and friends that he didnt have to give us a reason to not “accommodate” us and THEN we were trying to figure out where to go next and the doormen and bouncers decided it was time to tell us that the police where going to escort us off the premises. Try again

    • naomi

      you’re probably the one that wouldn’t let myself and my friend in at the end of july! i am a latina as well as my friend and we both wearing nice dresses oh and we are both very slim and tall girls. WE were told that Chloe could not let us in. We asked why and we were told by the door guy that he could not give us that information but 5 white girls walked right passed us and got in with no problem. 2 minutes later we were told by the door guy that if we did not move we would be escorted by police!!!! Now does that seem right to anyone???? I don’t freaking think so and i have told everyone not to go there EVER!!!!! Funny thing is my latina friend had her birthday party there 2 weeks later and the only reason was because her white friend works there and put my name on the list. Of course i went and made a point that i wouldn’t have been let in other wise!!!!! It’s pathetic that of all places DENVER acts like this. I hope someone tells the owner to hire some better staff!

  • Anonymous

    I Have known Francois Safieddine for many years (I worked with him in the car business) and he of all people knows what racism and discrimination feels like. I do not beleive he would condone this type of alleged behavior. This may be the act of a over zealous doorman,or perhaps a patron. I hope this is a isolated incident. I hope to see him soon.

    Rick C

    • vegas2012

      Well then he should talk to his staff right?

    • Anthony

      Then he should start by getting rid of the Mexican bouncer inside Chloe, that guy is the biggest loser ever!! That Mexican guy took my friend out for no reason maybe cuz he is white and the Mexican bouncer don’t like white guys, this club has the worst people working for male bouncers

  • Indiawaters10

    Actually i have been to chloes and the man at the door shook his head at told me and my friend that they were not letting our kind in tonight, then he laughed at us. I said what! and he said we should go to another club!

  • Peplaorg

    I was there.  No one was intoxicated, aggressive, or badly dressed.  Whatever standard they have is fine, it just has to be the same standards for all people.

  • Chrjames

    I’m curious as to why Johnny Coast hasn’t stated what the reason is behind not allowing people in on the night of August 5th is. If you are going keep making that statement then what is it. By the way your mother being Persian and the owner being lebanese means nothing, you can still be racist.

  • Renee Goodman

    The sad thing about all this is the club owners ARE racist…or the club owners son that is. If you go on the Facebook page, my sister, Maddie Goodman, posted a conversation between herself and Francios’s son, Rojer-jett. I think the conversation speaks for itself, but it is disgusting the way he behaves and it has a reflection on the club. Please take some time to review Maddie Goodman’s posts on the website, for she explains that conversation and a second encounter with Rojer-jett about entering the club with a black friend of ours. 


  • Guest

    Racists denied EVERY asian i seen pass by within a 15 minute period. Did not see a single white woman get denied.

  • Susanwen101

    We originally decided to go to Chloe. Bur We were told that they were unable to accommodate us even though the line wasn’t long. They were still letting people in after they rejected us. Whites people were waved through. We stood outside and noticed that they also denied access to other racial groups such as Arabs , African American, Hispanics and Asians . when we asked the reason why we were unable to gain access he told us He just couldn’t accommodate us without any good reasoning.

  • vegas2012

    and to be fair..I never had a problem at Suite 200 just Chloe..

  • Frankie

    It is about time this place was called out… It is the most racist place I have ever been to in my life! Door guys were a bunch of punks… They only let minorities in if group was buying bottle service. If they didn’t buy bottle service they would make them wait in line, while caucasian patrons didn’t wait in line and were drinking cheap bottled beer!

  • AprilB

    An ‘isolated incident’?  I find that hard to believe considering the facebook page dedicated to this has 1000 fans.  I am a white woman who went with her white boyfriend to this establishment for our anniversary.  I was allowed entry, but my boyfriend was not.  The door man first said it was because he was not dressed nice enough, even though he was wearing black slacks, a button down shirt, and a tie.  Then we were told it was because he was too intoxicated. (We had just arrived and had not had a drink that night yet.)  The door man said “He’s being crazy and too intoxicated!  Just look at him!”  It was almost comical to look at my boyfriend who was just standing there, sober as a nun, looking at the guy like “What?”.  Then the doorman said, “Ok, it’s just because he is not good looking enough to come in here.” We then stood back and watched as a group of nicely dressed hispanic men were denied for no reason.  It was disgusting.  We had a couple thousand dollars to spend on bottle service, and we went elsewhere. Francois, as well as ‘Johnny Coast’, (is that his stage name?  So cheesy)  should be ashamed of themselves, and instead of pointing the finger at potential patrons, perhaps they should set up surveillance and keep a close eye on their overzealous doormen who are turning away good business.

    • Tyron

      This where black men and Arabs hung out, why would they let your white boyfriend in?????

  • Jeal4

    This is club is for most black man and Arabs and mostly Asian girls, not sure why they would let u in, they have a Mexican bouncer inside the club that dedicates himself to get guys that are white out of the club, this place is a total mess, it was ok a year or two ago maybe now sucks!!

  • A Bella429

    Chloe is in trouble for recent discrimination charges AND they continue to do so.  Saturday night we had bottle service for my birthday.  We had a fuzzy boot theme.  The two guys who were wearing fuzzy boots were asked to leave because they made people uncomfortable.  Their dress code was otherwise in line.  If the boots were the problem there were 8 other girls wearing them too.   The staff there is unacceptable!  You DO NOT tell paying customers that they need to leave because of their sexual orientation.  I will never go to another club that Francois Safieddine owns.  This includes Chloe, Suite 200, 24k, and Oak Tavern.  Discrimination of any kind if it’s sexual orientation, color…whatever is not okay with me.  Please veto Francois and his clubs as me and all of my friends are doing.  He doesn’t want our friends with fuzzy boots then he doesn’t want anyone else I know in his establishments either.  Francois you are sending a very strong message to the public with your acceptance of how your clubs are run and who is allowed in.   

  • Carmella Pratt

    There is racism at this CLUB CHLOE because we were there for a friends birthday and we went to the club and set down and there FAKE SECERT SERVICE GUYS they have walking around ask us to move over because someone need the table that we were at so we more over and the next time he ask us to get up and move to a different table because he said that the table was reserved and their were no reserved signs on the table but this FAKE SECERT SERVICE GUY said that they do not have to put reserved signs because all the tables are reserved I have need been treated like that I will never go to that place again it is not all of that.

  • Youknowwho

    It’s all Rojer-jett, I know him personally. He told me he doesn’t like black people especially and will make up excuses like “Those are bad shoes” and all b.s. I knew him very well, and I don’t anymore because he disgusts me he is some kind of mentally handicapped and he’s rude-narcissistic- and stuck up like he’s done something with his life while its his father. Just completely unreasonable. Francois is a great guy and hassan is too they both have great communication skills. Francois should cut off rojer instead of hassan because rojer is such an embarrassment! disown that alien!