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Live review: Sheryl Crow @ the Boulder Theater

“I like this little place!” Sheryl Crow shouted mid-way through her show at the Boulder Theater last night, closing out the 1st annual Boulder Roots & Blues Summit.

And the Boulder Theater audience liked her and her rocking band, too; though “like” may be an inadequate word for the zealous crowd response to the Crow show. What’s not to love? Crow’s voice rang clear, strong and nimble. She played electric and acoustic guitars, electric keyboard and grand piano, accordion — all the while rocking a spangled black halter top, second-skin jeans and her halogen smile.

The multi-Grammy-winning girl made it look easy, yet Crow has endured her share of personal hardships: break-ups with her band and her ex-beau Lance Armstrong, plus the breakdown of her health. (Crow is a breast cancer survivor.) She converts past pains into the currency of emotionally charged songs.

In one two-hour set, she performed hits including “A Change Would Do You Good,” “Every Day Is A Winding Road,” “Leaving Las Vegas,” “My Favorite Mistake,” “Can’t Cry Anymore,” “Strong Enough,” “Soak Up the Sun,” and the uptempo song that launched her career: “All I Wanna Do.”

Crow mentioned that Colorado became one of her earliest fan bases. “When my first record came out, we toured Colorado. Y’all are like your own country.” She also performed songs from her new release “100 Miles From Memphis,” an allusion to her Missouri hometown.

Crow ended her encore with a drawn-out rendition of the last song on her first album, released in 1993, “I Shall Believe.” She turned the soulful tune into a bedtime prayer, of sorts, petitioning blessings for our footsteps, our president. “Help us find our way when we’re lost and think we know everything,” she said.

If you missed the Boulder show, catch Crow in Aspen June 25, or Beaver Creek June 27.

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  • Newly Converted SC Fan

    u00a0The show was amazing. u00a0I have always enjoyed SC but sort of wrote her off as a pop queen (although I did like the darkness of her second album) that wasn’t really that talented. u00a0Boy was I mistaken. She is an amazing musician, assembled a top notch backing band and put on a great show. u00a0I am now a fan for sure! u00a0Thanks Sheryl

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