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Mile Marker: Retribution Gospel Choir

We thought we had crammed loud bands into Uneven Studio before, but Retribution Gospel Choir pretty much redefined our understanding of that word. The amount of sound that emanates from this Minnesota trio is unbelievable. The band showed up a few hours before their show at the Hi-Dive, plugged in, started playing, and didn’t stop. RHC is in direct contrast to guitarist Alan Sparhawk’s other band, Low, though each groups offers a shared sense of heaviness that can be equally beautiful and haunting. Enjoy the six free downloads below.

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Click here to listen to past Mile Marker studio sessions.

John Hendrickson is the Managing Editor of Reverb and a multimedia journalist for The Denver Post.

Ryan Johnson is a freelance videographer, lousy guitar player, and a social media strategist at OnSight Public Affairs.

  • Lowfan

    Dang this sounds friggin’ great!

  • Greg Seitz

    That is fantastic. Love all the media, thanks for posting it! Definitely a band worthy of obsession.

    • cory

      are the six free downloads available anywhere currently? i don’t see them posted…

  • Gregory

    This band attracted my attention two years ago, since that I can’t separate from their music for a long time. Thanks to I found all their compositions for free and downloaded them. As I’m not mistaken they relesed two albums, which are available on this site.nn