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Pop & Circumstance: Christina Aguilera and other former teen idols face growing pains

Her body's saying 'let's go,' but her heart is saying '"

Her body's saying 'let's go,' but her heart is saying '"

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, we were all there watching closely when the original teen pop wars between Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera dominated the world of entertainment.

The year was 1999: Britney was wearing a naughty school girl outfit, Christina was writhing around in the sand wearing a beaded crop top. Then came Jessica, and Mandy soon followed. A decade later, the pop star debate turned into Miley vs. Selena, then Vanessa vs. Demi.

These girls have since grown up, and, in turn, the finding-yourself-train wrecks have been abundant.

Britney had babies, got a little white trash-y, shaved her head, blew everyone’s mind with “Circus” in 2008 and recently had an entire episode of “Glee” dedicated to her many hits. Jessica Simpson got “fat,” got engaged (just this week) to former football star Eric Johnson and dabbled in country music for reasons no one can really understand. Mandy Moore married Ryan Adams (still baffling) and has the role of Rapunzel in Disney’s “Tangled” this fall.

Christina “Xtina” Aguilera did a few things to dissolve her career in the past few years, mainly stemming from the words “Dirrty” and “divorce.” Arguably the most talented of the female gang — Justin Timberlake recently referred to her as “the best vocalist of our generation — her 2010 release “Bionic” bombed so hard that Walmart was practically giving away copies at checkout.

From TRL to the Walk of Fame. Photo c/o

From TRL to the Walk of Fame. Photo c/o

Yet, somehow, not even six months after the failed “Bionic,” Aguilera received her very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. What’s the price tag on one of those things, anyway?

Just a few convenient hours before the premiere of her major film debut in “Burlesque,” Aguilera posed for photos in front of her newly laid star. “Burlesque,” the contemporary musical film starring none other than Cher, opens Thanksgiving day. The soundtrack is led mostly by Aguilera, but Cher does her thang on two of the 10 not-so-hot tracks.

It’s been over ten years since the original Britney vs. Christina debacle. Xtina is officially on the Walk of Fame and plays the teen version of herself in a movie that looks like it should have gone straight to DVD. Britney might not have her own Hollywood star (edit: yes, she received one in 2003), but at least she has her own “Glee” episode to prove she is one. So, who wins?

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  • Trentopia

    “Britney might not have her own Hollywood star..”

    Britney Spears got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003.

  • Shijieistheman

    Britney got her Star in 2003


  • Amberlee_03

    Um, britney got her Hollywood star in 2003…

  • cassandra schoon

    I have never fully understood just why Britney ever eclipsed Christina’s fame anyway. I’ve always thought Christina had an undeniably better voice and just better *songs* to sing. I guess it really boiled down to a bad publicist and not being so obnoxiously present in the public eye…rnrnI’m sure that “Burlesque” will be a delightful train wreck, but in ways that make it far more entertaining than whatever crap coming-of-age flick Britney did back in the day.

  • John Hendrickson

    Thanks for pointing this out. We’ve made the edit.

  • Allison Berger

    Hey guys, thanks for pointing this out! Man, 2003 feels like forever ago. My apologies to Britney and the stans (Brit you’ll always be my #1!)

  • VenusAsABoy

    This article is so biased and stupid. Christina is one of the biggest music stars ever, and she is the right path to become a legend. She has a voice that all the pop stars out there right now could only wish for. The soundtrack for Burlesque is one of her best works to date, covering big songs from Etta James (from who she got praises when they met for a photoshoot) and Mae West, and she wrote 3 or 4 songs (not sure) for it. Burlesque is also getting incredible buzz from people who have attended free screenings and the premiere, including Jane Fonda:nn many tweets and some blogs reviews (official reviews are not out yet).nnThis article was clearly written by someone who doesn’t like her, so you can keep hating because Christina doesn’t care, as you see in her most recent pictures, she looks beautiful and happy. nn;)

  • Angry Homosexual

    You’re clearly a biased Britney stan who needs a life.

  • RajibDavidu2714

    Hahaha, stupid hater, pressed hater posting this article. nnCHRISTINA AGUILERA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><< you

  • Julie

    Britney Spears twitter queen, outselling tours, just recently nominated for Peoples Choice Award while floptina fail to get a nomination. Not a legend as her fans like to believe.

  • afiq

    britney does not have great vocal ability. but her song is more popular then christina. I think in the end thats what matter the most. Its the song and talent comes second. Just like lets say madonna and celine dion. celine is by far the better singer but still madonna sell more album then celine. its due to her famous song.