Nickelback brings explosive Pop/Rock to the Pepsi Center - Reverb

Photo essay: Nickelback, Buckcherry, 3 Days Grace @ the Pepsi Center

Canadian Pop/Rock band Nickelback stormed through the Pepsi Center on Monday night, with Buckcherry and 3 Days Grace in tow.

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  • Nut_flop

    The Nickelback stage was amazing. It’s too bad the band is so completely awful. I understand that most rock songs are about sex and drugs, but you have to have some subtlety or humor. Without it, Nickelback comes across as the biggest a-holes at the frat party. I really tried to enjoy this show but just felt sad at the lowest common denominator pandering.rnrnThree Days Grace was awesome though!

  • Rseskar

    You are so wrong. Nickelback was AWESOME! The other bands sucked.

  • Bomane

    I think you either like Nichelback or not…..personally, I love them. This concert was one of the best concerts I have EVER attended!! Buckcherry and Three Days Grace were awesome! Chad has the charisma to totally carry the concert through with his humor! If anything, Three Days Grace was a little emo and I wouldn’t want a youngster listening to their lyrics…can’t take them too serious but just enjoy them rocking out. I found myself recording Chad’s antics versus the tunes! Nichelback…You ROCK! Your concert was AWESOME and I will definately go to another one of you concerts!! Can’t wait!!

  • Bohmane

    Sounds like you’re more into Emo than Rock and Roll…Nichelback’s music has a positive vibe toward life where Three Days Grace, whom I also like, has more a Emo, life sucks, just kill me, I’m pissed off and I hate you vibe…to each his own….Nichelback ROCKED!!