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Photo essay: Tennis, Gauntlet Hair @ the Larimer Lounge

Denver band Tennis proved buzz-worthy at the Larimer Lounge on Friday. Photo by Joe McCabe,

Denver band Tennis proved buzz-worthy at the Larimer Lounge on Friday. Photo by Joe McCabe,

Tennis and Gauntlet Hair took over the Larimer Lounge on Friday night, and wooed the crowd with their unique sounds. Over the past couple of months, both bands have been receiving national press and have been putting Denver’s already rocking music scene on the national map.

View a full photo gallery of Friday’s show!

Joe McCabe is a Denver photographer and a regular contributor to Reverb. Check out his website.

  • jillybones

    Great lead photo, Joe! So cute.

  • Joe McCabe

    Thanks much jillybones!

  • John Wenzel

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