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Live review: Spoon @ the Ogden Theatre, Day 1

Did Spoon singer-guitarist Britt Daniel have fun on stage Monday night? It was hard to tell. Photo by Joe McCabe.

Did Spoon singer-guitarist Britt Daniel have fun on stage Monday night? It was hard to tell. Photo by Joe McCabe.

Playing to a sold-out crowd at the Ogden Theatre Monday night, indie darlings Spoon kept it simple — no chatter, no banter, just music. The band, touring in support of its latest release, “Transference,” went through the goods one-by-one with few distractions.

The set list primarily displayed the group’s most recent releases. The bulk of “Transference” was covered, along with the strongest hits from 2007’s “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga.” A small handful of tracks from “Gimme Fiction” snuck into the set, and the encore celebrated “Kill the Moonlight” with “The Way We Get By.”

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The good news? The guys can play live. Each song was well-rehearsed and carefully executed without rushing. Britt Daniel’s signature raspy rock-n-roller voice was as strong as ever, and backing him, the band didn’t miss a beat.

The bad news? It wasn’t much different than listening to their albums at home. The live songs contained almost no variation from their original recordings, and a lack of stage presence left the whole experience feeling a little flat. With few displayed moments of pure excitement, the crowd seemed to reflect this — the dancing and screaming were sparse, and appeared contained when they did occur.

And even though Spoon would probably be proud of how well each song sounded, you’d have to wonder if they were even having fun on the stage.

View a full photo gallery of this concert.

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  • Joe McCabe

    Really? I was 3 people back from the stage and I could Britt and the drummer constantly smiling. I felt each band member played their part, with Britt being the charming front man that he is.

  • ericagrossman

    Really. I wasn't at the front of the stage, but I really wasn't feeling anything from the band. They played well, but the energy didn't reach back to my row.

  • Sebastian

    Interesting. The 2nd night he was much chattier, maybe being in town for a few days had Daniel more relaxed? Spoon often gets knocked for being boring, dry, etc. Not completely unwarranted, but somewhat trite as well.