Father John Misty at the Ogden Theatre in Denver (photos, review)

Was Father John Misty banning photography or allowing photography at the Ogden Theatre on Thursday? That was the question on the sold out crowd's mind as they reluctantly held up phones to snap pictures of the band in front of the neon, heart sign that flashed between "No" and "Photography." For nearly two hours on Thursday, Father John Misty, and its charismatic leader Josh Tillman proved that the sophomore slump isn't always a fact.

Gregory Alan Isakov at the Ogden Theatre in Denver (photos)

Just as their first song was fading to a close, Mandolin Orange's Emily Frantz looked at the sold out Ogden Theatre and said, "I knew there were going to be 1600 of you here tonight, I just didn't know you were all going to be listening." And for the rest of the Thursday night, that's what the audience did, they listened, with rapt attention to a night of soaring folk music.

Gov’t Mule, John Scofield at the Ogden Theatre in Denver (photos, review)

In 1999, jazz giant John Scofield joined Gov’t Mule in Atlanta for a pair of shows that would become the stuff of legend. Sixteen years later, recordings from that night have been packaged into the two-disc “Sco-Mule” – released in late January – and Scofield has revived the jazz-meets-blues sound on a 21-city tour with the Mule.

Dr. Dog at the Ogden Theatre in Denver (photos)

Dr. Dog turned bad news into good news for a packed house at the Ogden Theatre on Thursday. Following the cancellation of openers Hanni El Khatib, the band took full advantage of the night by performing their first ever two-set show.

Hozier at the Ogden Theatre in Denver (photos)

Standing six-foot-five, singer-songwriter Andrew Hozier-Byrne, aka Hozier, would tower over any crowd -- stage or not. Factor in the good four-foot lift of the stage at the sold out Ogden Theatre, and fans on Wednesday were dwarfed as they gathered to see the giant Irishman with a voice of equal prowess.