Tennis at the Bluebird Theater in Denver (photos, review)

It was homecoming weekend for Denver's Tennis who played a festive mid-tour gig at the Bluebird Theater on Friday night in support of their glossy and bold new release, “Ritual In Repeat.” But like underclassmen going to the homecoming dance, the band let nerves and inexperience rule the day.

Watch: Tennis, “I’m Callin'” video What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Denver band Tennis ? Severed fingers? Didn't think so. In the band's new video for "I'm Callin'," vocalist Alaina Moore goes on a Nancy Drew-type search that starts with a found severed finger and an address.

Album review: Tennis, “Ritual In Repeat”

Let’s be honest: Tennis were due for a change of pace. As memorable as “Cape Dory” and “Young & Old” were, a third twee-pop album, even if it was the best of the bunch, would likely be received as a retread for the Denver band.