Miguel, “Wildheart” review

Since emerging on his sophomore LP “Kaleidoscope Dreams,” Miguel has strove for R&B stardom untraditionally. In appearances and promos for that album, he presented himself as fashion rather than sex symbol, buttoned up in cherry suits, summertime leather jackets and a pompadour coiffed perfectly enough to make even Janelle Monae a little green.

Hudson Mohawke, “Lantern” review

Hudson Mohawke, somewhat fresh off name-elevating work with TNGHT and on “Yeezus,” seems to have gone into making his second record thinking “catch me if you can.” If the Scottish producer wanted to set a new standard for himself on “Lantern,” he succeeded, shifting away from his recent work and moving around so much that no one could hope to pin him down.

The Jesus and Mary Chain at the Ogden Theatre in Denver (photos, review)

Rather than take their iconic back-to-the-crowd stance, The Jesus and Mary Chain faced a packed Ogden Theatre audience on Monday. The band looked over the crowd -- an interesting mix of people old enough to have listened to many a Mary Chain mix on cassette or vinyl and even more that weren’t even born when the band’s first record was released in 1985.