Tame Impala, “Currents” review

Early on in Tame Impala’s third record, mastermind Kevin Parker sings, “They say people never change but that’s bullshit / They do.” Whether intentionally or inadvertently, it’s a disclaimer.

Miguel, “Wildheart” review

Since emerging on his sophomore LP “Kaleidoscope Dreams,” Miguel has strove for R&B stardom untraditionally. In appearances and promos for that album, he presented himself as fashion rather than sex symbol, buttoned up in cherry suits, summertime leather jackets and a pompadour coiffed perfectly enough to make even Janelle Monae a little green.

Hudson Mohawke, “Lantern” review

Hudson Mohawke, somewhat fresh off name-elevating work with TNGHT and on “Yeezus,” seems to have gone into making his second record thinking “catch me if you can.” If the Scottish producer wanted to set a new standard for himself on “Lantern,” he succeeded, shifting away from his recent work and moving around so much that no one could hope to pin him down.