Eldren bassist Steve Holloway dies at 25

The day that Eldren multi-instrumentalist Josh Lee recruited Steve Holloway to play bass in his band, Lee laid out a map in front of him and asked him: If he could play anywhere in the world, where would he want to play?

The Hollow pounds eardrums at Blue Ice

With a head bang start, The Hollow began their set hard and steady. Bringing a palpable energy to the small stage at Blue Ice, lead singer Spencer Townshend Hughes vocals are complex, providing a layer softly breaking up the hard, consistent pounding of drums and bass.

Kid Astronaut takes things slow at Blue Ice

As the sun set on Broadway, soul and R&B singer Kid Astronaut, formerly of Air Dubai, delivered an appropriately chill performance, armed with an acoustic guitar, electric keyboard, two plants he stole from his mom's home and a Himalayan salt lamp to dispel the negatively charged ions in the air.

Vinyl Me, Please on long-awaited Avalanches follow-up: “It’s an incredible album”

Composing music with samples or "found" sounds isn't new, but many think the technique was perfected on The Avalanches 2000 record, "Since I Left You." The Australian group pieced together the seminal LP entirely from beats, riffs, and vocals purged from old vinyl records, creating a seamless hour-long masterwork that profoundly influenced hip-hop and electronic music production in the sixteen years since.

Psy returns with follow-up to “Gangnam Style”

By: The Associated Press SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korean rapper PSY, who is set to release his first album since becoming an international sensation more than three years ago with the smash hit "Gangnam Style," says the pressure to live up to that success caused him to take his time with his latest project.