PHOTOS: Kings of Leon Red Rocks Amphitheatre show (review, video)

Kings of Leon has created a decade’s worth of studio output, and it can be divided right down the middle into two distinct eras: before “Only by the Night” and after “Only by the Night.” Or, if you ask old-school purists, before Kings of Leon sold out and after Kings of Leon sold out.

Watch: Kings of Leon on Jimmy Fallon

Watch out world. Kings of Leon is awake from a drunken slumber/hibernation with an appetite for rock. Having returned with a new single and a forthcoming album, the band made its way to "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" to perform the questionably titled "Supersoaker." Read More»

Live review: Kings of Leon @ Comfort Dental Amphitheatre

Back in the days of monkey bars, swings, four square, tether ball and chasing girls on the playground, I was once imparted these wise words from a fellow disheveled-haired, dirty-faced fifth grader: “Always tell the pretty ones that they’re smart, and always tell the smart ones they’re pretty.” That was, apparently, the golden rule for getting the girl.