Jim James at the Ogden Theatre, 5-9-13 (photos)

If there’s a better bandleader in rock than Jim James (that isn't named Bruce Springsteen), I haven’t seen him or her. Touring behind his first proper solo album, “Regions of Light and Sound of God,” My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James absolutely dazzled a sold out Ogden Theatre Thursday night.

Jim James Reddit AMA request answered on Tuesday

What's a good question to ask during the Jim James Reddit AMA? How about asking him why he ever chose the lazy name of "Yim Yames" as his alter ego. In support of his new album, "Regions of Light and Sound of God," My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James will do an AMA, or "Ask Me Anything," on the popular news/cat photo/meme aggregator Reddit on Tuesday at noon EST.

My Morning Jacket, “The Waterfall” review

Like English teachers, ministers and uncles, the best motivational speakers are reformed heathens. Relating is half the battle, so words of wisdom resonate clearer when they come from someone who’s been to the other side and back.